Cartoon Cuisine

  • Nelson’s Pan-Fried Carrot

    Nelson’s Pan-Fried Carrot

    Nelson’s less than stable home life is a recurring theme on The Simpsons. He has an absent father (sometimes…depending on the episode) and a drunken mother who isn’t always around either. So, it makes sense that Nelson has to fend for himself when preparing dinner, thus making Nelson’s Pan-Fried Carrot. Still, a single carrot fried up…

  • Special Cake to Ruin

    Special Cake to Ruin

    Wait, it’s not Magaggie’s Birthday?? You might notice in the first screenshot, the frosting on top of the Special Cake to Ruin is pink. But in the very next shot, my dear, the entire cake frosting is now white. Look: What are we to believe that Homer somehow *magically* ate all the pink frosting? I…

  • Forbidden Doughnut

    Forbidden Doughnut

    We’ve all been there, you get that mid-morning sugar craving but all the doughnuts are gone. Then you end up selling your soul to the devil for a Forbidden Doughnut. You know, typical Tuesday. If you follow the blog at all, you might recall that Satan and I had a recent conversation regarding cursed frozen…

  • Cursed Frogurt

    Cursed Frogurt

    I’ve seen this Simpsons episode many, many times but I never bothered to find out what the potassium benzoate in the Cursed Frogurt actually is. Based on the conversion between Homer and the House of Evil owner, I’m going to guess that potassium benzoate is “bad” – but how bad is it? Apparently, it’s just…

  • Deadly Broccoli

    Deadly Broccoli

    According to Dr. Hibbert, broccoli is deadly and warns you of this fact by tasting terrible. And YET, in the season 10, episode 22 (They Saved Lisa’s Brain) Hibbert wants to talk about his “broccoli juice program”. Well which is it? Is broccoli deadly and terrible tasting or should the entire town be drinking broccoli…

  • Moist Carrot Cake Muffins

    Moist Carrot Cake Muffins

    Gross. Just the thought of eating a muffin that someone else had taken a bite of and then put back together and then I took a bite of it and didn’t realize…oh, dear god, no! And, if you weren’t already grossed out enough, I also want to talk about the word moist – which a…

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