Cartoon Cuisine

  • Tummy Trouble from Tuca and Bertie

    Tummy Trouble from Tuca and Bertie

    Tuca and Bertie is a (comedy?) show about friendships, career development (or not), discovering what you want in a relationship and coming to terms with your past and your mistakes. It’s enough to give you tummy trouble. Of course, it’s also a show that features beak watering baking in every episode. Listen, I’m a writer…

  • Together Breakfast from Steven Universe

    Together Breakfast from Steven Universe

    For the last year we’ve all had business to attend to inside the “Temple”. My temple mostly involved hiding under some coats and hoping that somehow, everything would work out. And now it kind of has? Thanks coats! …I mean thanks Crystal Gems! …I mean, thanks science! Yes, that’s the one. So to celebrate various…

  • Cucumber Sandwich from Hilda

    Cucumber Sandwich from Hilda

    So I recently moved. And not just that, but moved out of my old home and put everything into storage. Then I kind of lived in a few different places for a month, got everything OUT of storage and finally moved into a new home. What I would have given for a magical house in…

  • Why Hasn’t My Twinkie Turned Into Liquor Yet?

    Why Hasn’t My Twinkie Turned Into Liquor Yet?

    Well, it’s been almost five years and…still no liquor. I’m beginning to think that The Simpsons might have been lying to me about Twinkie liquor. Buuuut, you are supposed to age the Twinkie for TEN years so perhaps I just need to stop being so impatient? At the same time, I was really hoping to…

  • Mona Simpsons’ Apple Pie

    Mona Simpsons’ Apple Pie

    While March 14 is Pi Day I think it’s important to point out that National Pie is on January 23. That little “e” makes all the difference. And while today is a celebration for neeeeeeeeerds, it’s also a celebration for those who enjoy pie – both sweet and savory. So really, this day combines my…

  • Moon Pie

    Moon Pie

    It’s Lunar New Year and what better way to celebrate than by eating a Moon Pie! Oh sure, you could eat some rice cakes and be traditional. I’m not talking about the kind of rice cakes you put your drinks on, I mean nian gao. And while delicious and potentially good luck they might be…

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