What was once Eats Like A Duck (a blog dedicated to recreating foods from The Simpsons) is now Cartoon Cuisine (a blog dedicated to recreating foods from, well, cartoons). The mission is simple: take recipes from television, movies, comics, and video games and bring them into the real world. One thing we do NOT do is elevate recipes to make them more palatable because there is no way to make cloves, pie crust, and Tom Collins mix into anything less than disgusting.

What Happens to the Food?

It gets eaten! I’m not about to go wasting food since there are starving people in one of them loser countries. If anything, I have driven my boyfriend, family, and friends insane by tirelessly trying to include a recipe for the blog into special occasions. Was it wrong to bring Bubble Crum to a baby shower? Since I don’t think anything I’ve ever done is wrong, that’s up for debate.

A Quick Note About The Simpsons

Yeah, I’m still going to make recipes from The Simpsons because why wouldn’t I? Some people like to assign a cutoff for when The Simpsons “stopped being funny”. Is The Simpsons as good as it was during it’s “golden era”? No. Do I still watch it? Absolutely! If you stopped watching The Simpsons for whatever reason (got rid of cable, don’t have time, lost your dog and are now eating dog food until your tears smell like dog food) that’s fine by me. But my recipes come from the entire run of the show.