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This Simpsons food blog allows fans to sample all of Springfield’s delicacies

From Skittlebrau to the Ribwich, Springfield is a community known for its bold gastronomic choices and flagrant flouting of FDA guidelines. Over the course of 27 seasons, the characters on Fox’s animated sitcom The Simpsons have gleefully, greedily consumed all sorts of strange and tragically unhealthy foods and beverages, especially “heavily salted snack treats.” While that may result in diabetes, heart disease, and tooth loss for them, it has also provided plenty of material for Eats Like A Duck: A Simpsons Recipe Blog.

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Stuff Your Face ‘The Simpsons’ Way With These Perfectly Cromulet Recipes Inspired By The Show

In a development that could be puppeteered by those creeps at the egg advisory council, we’ve reached the point where eating like a Springfield resident is easier than ever. No need to remember such trusted concepts like the “window to weight gain,” because a brave blog by the name of Eats Like A Duck is here to delight your tastebuds and horrify any doctor that didn’t go to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College.

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Eats Like a Duck

Over 27 seasons on TV, there’s been a lot of food featured on the TV show The Simpsons. Eats Like a Duck chronicles those foods one at a time, with references to the episode it appeared in and recipes.

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6 Niche Blogs You Should Read

There’s been a lot of food featured on The Simpsons in its more than two decades on the air. Eats Like a Duck features those foods one at a time, with references to the episode a particular food appeared in and recipes that will allow a reader to make it.

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A ‘Simpsons’ recipe blog now allows you to eat like Homer Simpson, if you dare

Since 1989, The Simpsons has captivated fans around the world. Over those 27 seasons, fans have enjoyed watching the main characters never age, for the most part, while watching them eat most of the same unhealthy foods and drink the same bad beverages. Now, fans can eat and drink them too!

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This Website Has Recipes For Some Of The Simpsons' Most Iconic Dishes

Have you ever watched an episode of 'The Simpsons' and wondered what it would be like to recreate some of the things Homer eats? Actually, don't even answer that. We know you have - you're only human after all.

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C'est fun : un blog pour apprendre à cuisinier comme Homer Simpson

Si vous aussi vous rêver d'engloutir les même pancakes et hot-dogs qu'Homer Simpson et tout ce que Springfield compte comme recettes et préparations, ce blog est fait pour vous !

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EL blog que te enseña a cocinar las recetas de ‘Los Simpson’

27 temporadas de nuestros dibujos animados preferidos no sólo dan para ver desfilar por Springfield a cualquier famoso real que nos imaginemos, también para ver a la familia Simpson degustar incontables manjares.

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Ecco il blog di ricette che insegna a mangiare come i Simpson

Nel corso degli anni, sono cambiate tante cose ne I Simpson, ma una cosa è rimasta invariata: il loro strabordante amore per il cibo. Fate vedere ad Homer una Venere di Milo gommosa e sbaverà di tutta la bava di cui è capace!

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