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This Simpsons food blog allows fans to sample all of Springfield’s delicacies

From Skittlebrau to the Ribwich, Springfield is a community known for its bold gastronomic choices and flagrant flouting of FDA guidelines. Over the course of 27 seasons, the characters on Fox’s animated sitcom The Simpsons have gleefully, greedily consumed all sorts of strange and tragically unhealthy foods and beverages, especially “heavily salted snack treats.” While that may result in diabetes, heart disease, and tooth loss for them, it has also provided plenty of material for Eats Like A Duck: A Simpsons Recipe Blog.

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Stuff Your Face ‘The Simpsons’ Way With These Perfectly Cromulet Recipes Inspired By The Show

In a development that could be puppeteered by those creeps at the egg advisory council, we’ve reached the point where eating like a Springfield resident is easier than ever. No need to remember such trusted concepts like the “window to weight gain,” because a brave blog by the name of Eats Like A Duck is here to delight your tastebuds and horrify any doctor that didn’t go to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College.

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