Tummy Trouble from Tuca and Bertie

Tuca and Bertie is a (comedy?) show about friendships, career development (or not), discovering what you want in a relationship and coming to terms with your past and your mistakes. It’s enough to give you tummy trouble. Of course, it’s also a show that features beak watering baking in every episode.


Listen, I’m a writer with questionable baking skills, how many times do I have to explain that to you people? So, I decided to leave the Crunts and the Choquetties to other, more professional bakers, and focus on my one true love: alcohol. Aunt Tallulah might not be the nicest toucan in the world, but the lady does know her cocktails. Although the beer-tini is something I’m less sure about? Maybe she meant to have a Lean Cuisini instead?


  • 2 oz Passion fruit nectar (or juice, see directions below)
  • 6 oz Champagne
  • Splash of Ginger Beer


So based on some internet research, the difference between nectar and juice is that some fruits can be made into juice while others need some additives to get the liquid “nectar” results. Oranges can be made into pure orange juice without anything added in, that’s one of the main selling points on that whole freshly squeezed angle. Now passion fruit doesn’t really work as straight juice and needs water and sugar added to it.  Thus turning it into a nectar. Knowing all this, I decided to pick up a can of passion fruit drink like this and went on to mixing my beverage.

Pour champagne, passion fruit nectar / juice and ginger beer into a glass. Stir once or twice to just combine. Drink while exploring an attic if you’ve been seduced into architecture.


I just wanted to give myself credit for the very appropriate glass I choose. Also, I’m sure why the Tummy Trouble appears pink in the episode. Passion fruit is an orange yellow color and neither ginger beer or champagne are pink. Unless Auntie was using a rosé prosecco instead?

This is basically a fancier version of a mimosa and those have always been a favorite of mine. Anyone who’s ever been to a “bottomless mimosa” style brunch knows the perils of drinking too many of those cocktails. First, because those brunches are a total scam and the mimosa is about 95% orange juice to 5% sparkling wine. Since I don’t skimp on the booze, these are both delicious and provide a small buzz. But be warned, too many of these drinks will still lead to tummy trouble.

Cromulence: 9 Sweaty Unadulterated Musks out of 10

Tummy Trouble from: Tuca and Bertie (Season 1 – Episode 5)






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Just commenting to say I miss you! Hope you and your loved ones have been keeping well. Come back soon if you can!


How about Aspic and a Gibson from American Dad next? It’s pieces of beef and pork suspended in meat jelly and a martini with an onion.


They called it Spoon Meat if that helps. Followed by a plate of loose, boiled hot dogs.