Deadly Broccoli


Homer: What’s for dessert?
Marge: No dessert until you eat your broccoli.
Homer: Oh…fine. [Gasps]
Dr. Hibbert: Mmm, another broccoli-related death.
Marge: I thought broccoli was…
Dr. Hibbert: Oh, yes, one of the deadliest plants on earth. Why, it tries to warn you itself with its terrible taste.
– Treehouse of Horror XI 

The Simpsons | Season 12 - Episode 1

According to Dr. Hibbert, broccoli is deadly and warns you of this fact by tasting terrible. And YET, in the season 10, episode 22 (They Saved Lisa’s Brain) Hibbert wants to talk about his “broccoli juice program”. Well which is it? Is broccoli deadly and terrible tasting or should the entire town be drinking broccoli juice?!? I’m sure some sort of wizard was involved in this inconsistency.


Also, I made some broccoli to test whether it’s deadly or not. Spoiler alert: I’m still alive, therefore broccoli is not deadly. Most people would likely still agree that it tastes terrible though. 


  • Broccoli



Cut broccoli into smaller florets. Steam broccoli for two minutes, salt and serve. Try not to choke to death.


I lied before, because I actually kind of like broccoli. I realize that as a general rule broccoli is a much hated vegetable, most likely due to it’s bitter taste. If we skip ahead to a much more contemporary Simpsons, Season 26 Episode 2 – The Wreck of The Relationship; we find Homer and Bart fighting over Bart eating his broccoli. This, in turn, results in hours, and then days, of arguing. Lisa even brings them juice that includes broccoli in it! We’ve come full circle on this one. Here’s a video that includes every mention of the world broccoli in that episode: 

Cromulence: 6 Clupid Bloropopes out of 10

Deadly Broccoli Recipe From: Treehouse of Horror XI (The Simpsons Season
12 – Episode 1)

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I love broccoli! They look like mini trees! Which is also why Bart hates it, apparently.


It’s true, one of the great appeals of broccoli is that you can pretend to be a giant eating trees. Hopefully you don’t end up eating Lenny in the process though.

Glenn S.

Even the dead cannot escape the deadliness of broccoli.
And I’m glad your not dead. But if you did die, I hope that the amusement you bring people via this blog counts as a good deed.


I certainly hope it counts as a good deed because I’ve got a lot of secrets I’d prefer to keep clandestine. Terrible, disturbing secrets.