Nelson’s Pan-Fried Carrot

Nelson’s less than stable home life is a recurring theme on The Simpsons. He has an absent father (sometimes…depending on the episode) and a drunken mother who isn’t always around either. So, it makes sense that Nelson has to fend for himself when preparing dinner, thus making Nelson’s Pan-Fried Carrot. Still, a single carrot fried up in a pan is a nice visual gag, but it’s not actually the worst thing he could be eating for dinner and this is coming from someone who routinely eats a giant bowl of popcorn as a meal because I’m too lazy to make anything else. Between eating vegetables for dinner and regular scarf wearing, Nelson is actually doing ok for himself.

What’s on the bottom of the pan Nelson is using? Is that ALL oil or it is just discolored from overuse and not being washed properly? If that is all oil then that’s a lot of oil, probably more than you would need to fry a single carrot. Guess I will be enjoying a nice greasy carrot for dinner.


  • Carrot


Heat oil of your choice in a pan – lots of oil if you’re being authentic. Add your carrot and cook for several minutes. Be sure to flip the carrot to get an even cook on all sides.

After several minutes in the pan, I had thought the carrot would be softer, but it still maintained a lot of crunch. I’m not sure if Nelson was intending to just heat up the carrot or if he wanted it soft for easy chewing. He does have at least some dentures and he’s only 10! Either way, this tasted fine – albeit a little oily, but that was expected. Given the choice, I would prefer to save myself the effort and just eat the carrot raw.

Cromulence: 4 Steel Tongs out of 10

Nelson’s Pan-Fried Carrot Recipe From: Bart, the Mother (The Simpsons Season 10 – Episode 3)






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