Moe Madness Final Bracket

Remember when I started that Moe Madness bracket all the way back in March? No? Yeah, it seems like I kind of didn’t remember either. Anyway, I did manage to make all the entries and here are my final, definitive results in the Moe Madness Final Bracket:

In a stunning victory Moe’s Hobo Chicken Chili beats out the Million Dollar Birthday Fries! While the fries were delicious, I just couldn’t get over how good the chili tasted – with chicken no less. It must have been all those chicken necks I used. Or maybe I suffered some kind of debilitating fries related head injury and that clouded my judgement.

Much like Uncle Moe’s Family Feedback started out as an amazing success, so too did this idea for Moe Madness. Well, maybe not an “amazing success” but certainly something that wasn’t a complete failure? Either way, this concludes something that I should have finished a few weeks ago. I’m open to suggestions for next’s years Moe Madness. The winner get’s a get a free steak…fish.





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Uncle Moe’s had so much potential. Too bad it only lasted half an episode. Are you going to post some new recipes in 2022? There was just that Krusty Burger backstory episode with the triple spatula.

Elias dela plume

You should make the banana kaboom and the ribwich


I do already have the sparklers for the banana kaboom, so this seems pretty likely. As for the ribwich…how do I make the meat look like that??


I don’t know what ( if any) variety of prepackaged, frozen meat you have in Canada, but here in the U.S., you can find rib patties similar to the McRib in the frozen foods section of many stores.


That is an excellent point. Although at the same time I would almost like the challenge of creating this myself, as in: think small, think more legs.