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  • Cake Puzzle from The 7th Guest

    Cake Puzzle from The 7th Guest

    I have many fond memories of playing The 7th Guest, while conveniently forgetting all the reasons why this game drove me crazy (looking at you bishop puzzle). Originally released in 1993, this was peak CD-ROM horror game technology of the day. Complete with puzzles that were both challenging, infuriating and…delicious? The cake puzzle is one…

  • Why is Sweetest Day?

    Why is Sweetest Day?

    Sweetest Day is a “holiday” (my quotes) “celebrated in the Midwestern United States, and parts of the Northeastern United States, also in the northern part of Florida on the third Saturday in October.” (Wikipedia’s quote). You might think that this holiday was recently invetended in a similar fashion to perhaps Love Day. And before you…

  • Fried Green Tomatoes and the Problem with Manjula

    Fried Green Tomatoes and the Problem with Manjula

    I recently watched the documentary The Problem with Apu, which on Rotten Tomatoes has 89% rating with critics and a 34% rating with audience. Among audience reviews, the prevailing opinion seems to be that this documentary is “unnecessary” and “other things I don’t want to write here because it’s probably racist”. I completely recognize how…

  • Tweek’s Cupcakes from South Park

    Tweek’s Cupcakes from South Park

    Tweek and Craig’s relationship is one of my favorite “newer” plot points to come out of South Park. I enjoy that they compliment each other so well as a couple. With Craig’s suggestion that Tweek bake  helping to provide a calming effect for his overly caffeinated partner. In this episode, Put It Down, Tweek’s cupcakes…

  • Twinkie Aged for (Almost) Four Years

    Twinkie Aged for (Almost) Four Years

    During times of sheltering in place, one might become desperate for the necessities of life. Perhaps you hoard things like Creamed Eels, Corn Nog and Wadded Beef or perhaps you dive into your emergency Twinkie supply. As discussed here (September 2016) and here (February 2018), I’ve been aiming to age my Twinkie for 10 years…

  • Cup Noodles from Final Fantasy XV

    Cup Noodles from Final Fantasy XV

    Full disclosure: I haven’t actually played Final Fantasy XV, this is a reader request. Final Fantasy style games aren’t really my style. I’m more of a D&D RPG nerd and maybe (definetly) I will have a Baldur’s Gate recipe coming up soon! Anyway, since I’ve been struggling with finding non-imagination ingredients AND I’m super lazy…

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