Cup Noodles from Final Fantasy XV

Full disclosure: I haven’t actually played Final Fantasy XV, this is a reader request. Final Fantasy style games aren’t really my style. I’m more of a D&D RPG nerd and maybe (definetly) I will have a Baldur’s Gate recipe coming up soon! Anyway, since I’ve been struggling with finding non-imagination ingredients AND I’m super lazy (and surly) Cup Noodles seemed like a good choice for starting the weekend.

Before we get into the “recipe” let’s discuss how Cup Noodles being in this game is basically one giant product placement. Your “quest” is to visit a Noodle Wagon and then choose your favorite ingredient to add to the soup: steak, shrimp or egg. The quest ends with Gladiolus talking about how much he loves Cup Noodles, riveting. But, who am I to question such a great man? Let’s start this epic quest!

Quest: Choose Your Cup Noodles
My Choice: Shrimp Flavor with Egg
Quest: Complete!


Wow, that was a roller coaster from start to finish. In Final Fantasy XV, Cup Noodles provides the following stat boosts:

Attack Boost: Increases attack by 30
HP Boost: Increases maximum HP by 300
Attack Boost: Increases attack by 80
HP Boost: Increases maximum HP by 500
EXP Boost: Increases experience points earned by 20%

In real life, I’d imagine it works a bit more like this – at least it did for me:

No Cooking Skill Boost: Increases experience in boiling water 10%
Fullness Boost: Decrease hunger by 50%
Sodium Boost: Increases maximum sodium by 49%
Bloat Boost: Increases stomach distention by 30%
Regret Boost: Increases feeling you probably should have eaten something healthier 75%

Cromulence: 7 Moogles out of 10

Cup Noodles Recipe from: Final Fantasy XV






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Thomas Ward

You’ve come up with a new recipe!