A 10 Pound Bag of Flour

Homer’s eating habits are one of my main sources of inspiration for this blog. However, this recipe wasn’t really on my to do pile (I have a to-do pile?!) until a loyal reader requested it. So I guess it’s time to eat a 10 pound bag of flour? If only I had my sugar bag instead!

Marge: Oh honey, don’t eat that. Wouldn’t you rather have your sugar bag?
Homer: No. I don’t deserve sugar.
– The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace (The Simpsons Season 10 – Episode 2)



  • Flour bag
  • Sugar bag (for comparison)



Open bag, consume. Especially if you’ve been recently kicked out of an “All You Can Eat” seafood restaurant.


Ok, so obviously I’m not going to eat an entire bag of flour or sugar. I don’t even have enough storage in my pantry for a 10 pound bag of flour, let alone the stomach capacity for this. Plus, you know, flour bags in my particular country come in kg not lb. This entire thing was doomed from the start!

But can you actually eat an entire bag of flour? According to the always reliable and scientific Yahoo Answers…maybe? The doctors who post to this site weren’t entirely clear on the details. Ok, so perhaps you can eat this, but should you? The consensus on this seems a little more clear with: you probably shouldn’t eat this because it might make you sick, but then again why are you eating an entire bag of flour you weirdo?

So I decided to at least try a little bit of flour by eating a spoonful and the results went about as well as you would expect. If you’re familiar with the Cinnamon Challenge then you can guess how this went. Not surprisingly, eating a spoonful of sugar is much easier to manage when compared to flour. But the tooth pain and sudden diabetes were somewhat less enjoyable. Overall, I have to say I prefer my flour and sugar in brownie form over spoonful form.

Cromulence: Flour 0 Mostly Mozarts out of 10 / Sugar 5 Mostly Mozarts out of 10

A 10 Pound Bag of Flour Recipe From: New Kid on the Block (The Simpsons Season 4 – Episode 8)






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