Kippers For Breakfast

Is it Saint Swithun’s Day already? Tis replied Aunt Eats Like A Duck! Yes, apparently July 15 is the Feast of Saint Swithun and so of course I had to have Kippers for Breakfast. Also of note, Kippers are apparently making a comeback as a breakfast food, so as usual I am on the cutting edge of all the food trends. I just know that Nuts and Gum is going to take off at any moment!

Here’s a fun fact: if it rains on Saint Swithun’s Day then it will supposedly rain for the next 40 days after that. I don’t really have anything to add, I just like to imagine that this has happened at some point on earth and there are some hardcore Saint Swithun’s believers out there.


  • Kippers


Hopefully you can pull the lid off your own tin of kippers. Consume alone or with crackers, bread or eggs depending on what you’re in the mood for with your breakfast.


Kippers are a smoked fish and so these kippers tasted like smoked fish. They are perfectly serviceable as a breakfast item, but if I had a choice I would choose the Skobo’s Smiley Face Breakfast Special every time.

Cromulence: 4 Milpool’s out of 10

Kippers For Breakfast Recipe From: Bart of Darkness (The Simpsons Season 6 – Episode 1)






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Glenn S.

You can also eat kippers with onions. I don’t know if it’s any good but apparently some would say “I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough.” if you try to tell them they’ve had enough.


I know that phrase all too well after recently getting over my crippling Fabergé egg addiction…


The book One Day by David Nichols is set on many different Saint Swithin’s Days. Incredibly they never have kippers for breakfast.


Well, then it truly doesn’t represent what Saint Swithin’s Day stands for…which is eating tiny fish apparently?