Enjoy Our Party Snacks Boy Our Party Sucks Appetizers

One of my favorite parts about going to house parties are the horse doovers that will be served. Although I’ve never seen anything like the Enjoy Our Party Snacks Boy Our Party Sucks Appetizers and now I know why. Preparing snacks for party guests can be a lot of work and people might not always appreciate all the effort you put in.

For example, making little sandwiches that spell out “Enjoy Our Party Snacks” is not really worth it because as soon as somebody eats a few sandwiches (which they should, sandwiches are for eating) your message is ruined. What I’m trying to say is that making the Enjoy Our Party Snacks Boy Our Party Sucks Appetizers took me over an hour of finagling with bread and toothpicks and I got mustard everywhere too. Whoa, I had mustard?!



  • 2 Loaves of White Bread
  • Lettuce
  • Deli Meat (I used ham and turkey)
  • Mayonnaise and Mustard
  • Toothpicks


Make sandwiches first. Add mayo and mustard to bread, place lettuce and deli meat on bread…do I really need to explain how to make a sandwich? Next, cut off the crusts and cut the sandwiches into strips. It is very important that you cut off the crusts AFTER making the sandwich, plus then you have all these little “mini sandwiches” that you can eat while you work. I used Wonder Bread for the sandwiches because the Simpsons strikes me as Wonder Bread people.

Each sandwich made 4 finger sandwiches that I used to spell out the message. In the end, I had to make 11 sandwiches to get all the necessary components for the correct spelling. Results may vary depending on how you cut and how much room you have. I ended up needing my entire kitchen counter. No WAY this would have fit on a platter as depicted in the episode.



The sandwiches were tasty and the presentation was neat but as I said the whole thing smacks of effort, man. You would get the exact same taste if you just cut the sandwiches into fours and focused more on what kind of alcohol you’re going to serve.

Cromulence: 7 General Sherman’s out of 10

 Enjoy Our Party Snacks / Boy Our Party Sucks Appetizers Recipe from: The War of the Simpsons (The Simpsons Season 2 – Episode 20)






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I always thought these were cookies