Eggnog On Cereal

Eggnog is like a super thick milk, mixed with a bunch of spices I don’t like and then people add rum to it. This officially makes eggnog my least favorite rum drink in existence. And now Eggnog On Cereal is officially my least favorite breakfast in existence. Well, probably my second least favorite breakfast since this is also something I’ve tried.

In a much later Simpsons episode, White Christmas Blues (Season 25 – Episode 8), Marge exclaims “All eggnog is terrible!”. Marge and I are kindred spirits in that regard. Anyway, let’s get to this thing…


  • Eggnog
  • Cereal (I used Rice Krispies)


Fill your entire fridge with eggnog before the government takes it away again. Pour eggnog over your cereal of choice. Drink it with every meal too I guess. Try not to experience chest pains.


Gross. So gross. A less biased participant, let’s call him “El Boyfriendo” quite enjoyed the Eggnog On Cereal and happily ate the remainder that I had prepared. Also, there’s This Guy who seems weirdly in to the whole thing; either he’s just naturally a happy person or he’s super high. Basically if you hate eggnog, this recipe won’t change your mind, but if you like eggnog you might enjoy it!

Fun fact, in French eggnog is called “lait de poule” which literally translates as “chicken milk”. How is that relevant to the recipe? It isn’t, but I thought you might enjoy knowing it all the same.

Cromulence: 2 Lee Carvallos out of 10

Eggnog On Cereal Recipe From: Marge Be Not Proud (The Simpsons Season 7 – Episode 11)






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Will you try cereal with corn nog? For research or whatever.

Egg nog doesn’t exist here and I like tonimagine it tastes like spiced custard.

Hugh Jass

I dislike eggnog and decided no eggnog. In fact, no Nog, period! And third, absolutely no stealing for 3 months!


I completely forgot this episode existed. Today while grocery shopping I bought rice crispies and eggnog (actually Silk soy-nog), and had them together as a snack. They mesh quite well, and I’ll probably do it regularly until the government takes the nog away.

Eggnog – 10/10
Eggnog with rice (crispies) – 10/10
Thanks for your suggestion.


I’m glad you enjoyed and remember you only get 30 sweet, noggy days!