Creamery Butter Candy Bar


Commercial Announcer: We start with pure milk chocolate…Add a layer of farm-fresh honey…Then we sprinkle on four kinds of sugar…And dip it in rich, creamery butter…
– Bart’s Friend Falls in Love

The Simpsons | Season 3 - Episode 23

This is the second and final entry in the rich, creamery butter series. It’s also making me yearn for a world where more foods are just covered in butter. I realize that would be ridiculously unhealthy, but at the same time I wouldn’t exactly say no to having melted butter as a side to every meal, kind of like ketchup and mustard. Perhaps we all need a little Creamery Butter Candy Bar in our lives?


  • Pure milk chocolate
  • Farm fresh honey
  • Granulated sugar
  • Icing sugar
  • Brown sugar
  • Coconut sugar
  • Rich, creamery butter


Pour honey over chocolate. Add a spoonful of four kinds of sugar. Dip in rich, creamery butter. Consume before the butter melts the chocolate.


I didn’t think this would all work together, but it really does. If I could, I would totally eat this with one of those metal deelies…you use to…dig…food… But it’s probably better that I don’t do that. The sugar added a nice crunch and the butter added a salty taste that brought everything together.

Cromulence: 9 Subliminally Slims out of 10

Creamery Butter Candy Bar Recipe from: Bart’s Friend Falls in Love (The Simpsons Season 3 – Episode 23)

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