Bart’s Grilled Twizzlers

Remember those days when your family would leave you home alone, but you didn’t know how to cook much besides Cup Noodles? Ah, to be 34 again! When home alone and preparing his Grilled Twizzlers, Bart barbecues the candy until he gets some nice grill lines on them, then a single Twizzler goes into a hot dog bun with chocolate syrup as “ketchup”:


Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the grill lines to happen with my Twizzlers. Instead, they mostly just warmed up and became super droopy.  So no grill lines, but wow are slowly heated Twizzlers amazing! I would imagine that barbecued Twizzlers are what fresh Twizzlers taste like when they first come off the factory floor. I really can’t emphasis enough how awesome grilled Twizzlers taste and apparently the internet agrees…well at least six other people agree anyway.


  • Twizzlers
  • Hot Dog Bun
  • Chocolate Syrup


Pre-heat barbecue to a low temperature (I had mine set to 200C). Grill Twizzlers on the barbecue until grill lines appear or more accurately until the Twizzlers is getting melty but not actually melting onto the grill. Remove Twizzlers and place on hot dog bun and garnish with chocolate syrup.


While I think that grilled Twizzlers taste great, adding them to a hot dog bun with chocolate syrup really takes things down a notch. For starters, there is way too much bun to eat when compared to a single Twizzler since the candy is acting as the “meat” in this creation. Adding about five more Twizzlers would make the whole thing much better. All I know is that the next time I purchase some stale Twizzlers I’m going to throw them right on the grill. Take that, East St. Louis!

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Bart’s Grilled Twizzlers Recipe From: Lost Verizon (The Simpsons Season 20 – Episode 2






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You could use brioche bread for the bun instead


Do you remember the episode where Marge made “dessert dogs”? I think it was made out of deep fried cookie dough (sausage), meringue buns and caramel/cherry sauce for mustard and ketchup. This candyfied treat should be interesting!


Would you prefer I make it with or without the added fish scales “done with malice aforethought”?