Milk, NyQuil, and Liquor Nightcap Screenshot

Milk, NyQuil, and Liquor Nightcap from BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman is a show rich in great potential culinary recipes and most are courtesy of Todd. Some Todd recipes of note that I plan to make (at some point) include pizza with hot dogs stuffed as a taco and s’mores inside a baguette. But, the show is about BoJack afterall, not Todd – so I should really start with a BoJack recipe: a Milk, NyQuil, and Liquor Nightcap

I had so many questions before I attempted this. Would the ingredients mix or would the milk curdle? Would this concoction help me sleep or perhaps even cause me to pass out and end up in someone’s luggage? Or (much more likely) would it make me want to vomit?

Todd Milk, NyQuil, and Liquor Nightcap Screenshot


  • Milk
  • NyQuil
  • Liquor (I used vodka)


Pour equal parts milk, NyQuil, and vodka into a glass. Consume and try not to end up in someone’s luggage.


Yep, it’s definitely the vomit one! Of all the terrible foods I’ve made…this still isn’t quite the worst but it’s also not far off. Here’s a tip you probably didn’t need but I’m going to tell you anyway, don’t make the Milk, NyQuil, and Liquor Nightcap. Even if you’re suffering from insomnia don’t make it. You’d be better off just staying awake, actually you would be better off doing almost anything else rather than drinking this.

The milk curdled, probably from the NyQuil I’m guessing? I decided to use vodka since I know that White Russians are somewhat close, what with the cream and vodka mixture. So I’m guessing there’s something in the NyQuil that caused this drink to south. Was it the acetaminophen,the dextromethorphan HBr, or the doxylamine succinate? I’m not some hot shot lawyer like the ones featured on MSNBSea, so I can’t say for sure. What I can say is: don’t make this.

Cromulence: 0 Sarah Koenig out of 10

Milk, NyQuil, and Liquor Nightcap Recipe from: Start Spreading the News (BoJack Horseman Season 3 – Episode 1)





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I now want to try it to measure truly how bad it is.


still have not done it. Lack of nyquill

Glenn S.

Oh… boy, that photo just screams… Ok I’m at a loss for what it screams but whatever it is is not pleasant. So I guess the Clove Tom Colins Pie mix is still that worst of the worst huh? I just hope you had some excess early Halloween candy around to get that awful taste out of your mouth.
And s’mores inside a baguette. I gotta try that.