Pumpkin Spice In August

It’s Not Fall Yet Because It’s Still August

I know that the standard thing to complain about when items “go up in stores too soon” is usually reserved for Christmas decorations in September. But today I want to talk about all the Fall/Autumn stuff that is being shoved in my face while I’m still sweating (like a lot) just sitting around at home. It’s still summer time dammit! As the title says: It’s Not Fall Yet Because It’s Still August.

I understand that the end of summer signifies that kids are heading back to school. So in some ways, that signifies Fall to many people. Therefore, I’m totally fine with all the Back To School sales and talk of buying binders of whatever. However, when I was at the drug store yesterday, what did I see on display but THIS:

Halloween Candy Display

Before you ask, of course I bought several boxes of Halloween candy that will not last me past the next few weeks even though I tell myself they’re “for the kids”. Side note: I neither have children, nor do I get trick-or-treaters. So this is probably a new level of delusional I should look into. Where was I? Oh yes, I don’t need to be thinking about Fall stuff yet because it’s still August!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes (#PSL #NotYetPlease)

Of course the worst, WORST offender on this early Fall front are the numerous coffee chains and their Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Here’s the thing, I know hating on #PSL is pretty cliche at this point. And I actually don’t hate these drinks. I personally like Starbucks for both their coffee and as a place to work out of. Do you think if I say enough nice things about Starbucks they will give me free stuff?? However, I take umbrage with rolling out the “Fall flavors’ when I’m still very much having trouble drinking coffee while I’m walking, because it’s too hot to accomplish both things at once.

Am I alone in this? Or do others feel a similar kind of rage when Fall rolls in early towards the end of summer? All I ask is that summer be allowed to live on for a few weeks into September. I just want to pretend the weather isn’t going to become terrible for months after that. Is that too much to ask?





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Glenn S.

If it was just limited to PSL’s I’d be fine with it but its when pumpkin spice started to spread to everything like a space virus from a meteorite that I got annoyed by it. PS oatmeal, PS cheerios, PS protein bars, PS oreos and so on and so on. Now I’m all for big bags of Reese’s cups being prolifically available. And you have no reason to feel weird about the candy thing, we’re all somebody’s children right? And what’s wrong with feeding your inner child every now and then? But beyond that I get annoyed when I see… Read more »

Glenn S.

That would be a wise choice.

Dana Parsons

It’s even worse trying to get into the fall spirit in Arizona. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf just brought back thier PSL and I admit I’ll probably try it…