The Flaming Homer

I know last year on Flaming Moe’s Day aka Veteran’s Day in the US (it can be two things!) I didn’t make this signature drink. As promised, I have made it this year but did not base my recipe on any that I found online. There are many recipes available for a Flaming Homer / Flaming Moe – including the terrible because it’s orange and NOT purple Flaming Moe Energy Drink. However, most of these internet drink recipes try to make the Flaming Homer taste good; some trendy cocktail created by a “mixologist”. But this drink should not taste good at all, not based on what is presented in the episode anyway. And so, because I enjoy torturing my body for other people’s amusement, I made my Flaming Homer as accurate to The Simpsons as possible.

The episode makes it clear that Homer pours the following into his drink: Tequila, Schnapps, Creme de Menthe, Cough Syrup (and possibly love).


Additionally there are two unidentified “In Flight” bottles, several regular sized liquor bottles and one bottle that looks like a wine bottle, so let’s add that to the mix too! It’s not like this drink can get any more gross, especially considering that when Moe makes his first drink he takes a sip, then passes that SAME drink down to the coughing guy at the end of the bar. The Flaming Homer is basically a mix of leftover booze and horrible mouth bacteria.



  • Tequila
  • Schnapps (I used Gin because it’s basically the same as Schnapps)
  • Creme de Menthe (Homemade because I’m not buying a bottle of this stuff)
  • Cough Syrup
  • Vodka (In Flight bottle)
  • Crown Royal (In Flight bottle)
  • White wine
  • Martini Rosso (leftover from Bart’s Manhattan)
  • Rum
  • Triple Sec



Add equal parts of each liquor into a glass, top off with wine and cough syrup. Attempt to light on fire but it won’t work because cough syrup is not flammable or inflammable enough.


Despite how truly awful this tastes, the most disappointing thing about the Flaming Homer is that I wasn’t able to light it on fire. This is now my second attempt (and failure) at lighting something on fire for the blog. It’s almost like in real life things don’t always instantly go up in flames. Of course, I do realize that lighting drinks on fire is a thing that bartenders do, but I couldn’t get it to happen with mine. I even tried carefully spooning a layer of vodka on the top that was already on fire, but it just wouldn’t work. 

It probably doesn’t need to be said, but this drink tastes awful. Anything that combines mint and cough syrup flavors is not fit for human consumption. However, my phlegm is feeling loser and I didn’t go blind, so overall a win I guess?

Cromulence: 1 Hairy Drumstick out of 10

The Flaming Homer Recipe From: Flaming Moe’s (The Simpsons Season 3 – Episode 10)






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I went out for drinks a few days ago and this particular bar had a Flaming Moe on its cocktail list. The description read “Krusty’s Non-Narkotik Kough Syrup, left over spirits, citrus, fire”. I squealed in delight and ordered one which tasted like lots of tequila with a citrus twist. I wanted to nerd out and lecture the bartender about how it should technically be called a Flaming Homer but restrained myself. I’m sure there are other real bars who have their own version but it was the first time I’ve come across one. I won’t mention where it is… Read more »


There was a bar (since closed down) that served “a single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man’s hat” cocktail. Perhaps Fox found out about this drink and shut them down?! If you feel like sharing the location of said bar, send to eatslikeaduck@gmail.com and I’ll be sure to check it out if possible.


Well it’s in New Zealand so probably a bit too far from where you’re at :p


Fair enough! Next time I’m in New Zealand I will be sure to let you know.

Dirty drew

Codeine cough syrup and a layer of Bacardi 151.. it works


Yes! Perfect for if you have a cough or you just don’t want to remember what happened over the last 8 hours.

Mr. Biggs

For accuracy, make sure your cough syrup contains dextromethorphan. I think it is safe to assume that Krusty brand cough syrup would be mostly dextromethorphan.


The sedative properties will make it easier to drink the rest of this nasty beverage!


Of course it’s awful, as Homer stated, “I don’t know the scientific explanation, but fire made it good.”


I guess with the Flaming Moe it doesn’t matter how bad it tastes as long as it gets you really drunk!


A version of this recipe is also available on Faberge Egg Salad!!


I will add it to the list! It actually looks pretty tasty since it has fruit juice in it. Plus I’m jealous you were able to light it on fire. Well…if we did set fire to the house…No fires!


Haha!! Like Dr.Hibbert, that’s your solution to everything!

Thanks for adding the link!!
And… I should really update my blog more often. So lazy.


Clearly I’m pretty lazy too: http://eatslikeaduck.com/write-for-eats-like-a-duck/ takes one to know one. Checkmate!