Spock’s Hot Dog

What exactly is the hot dog vendor putting on Leonard Nimoy’s hot dog? I had always thought it was sauerkraut since that’s a traditional hot dog topping. However, the topping in question is never verbalized and so we have this hilarious, but quick, sight gag and nothing more to reference. The point is I’m going with sauerkraut as the hot dog topping because this is my blog and I do what I want, when I want…Oh God, inchworms!


  • Hot Dog Bun
  • Hot Dog
  • Sauerkraut



Boil your hot dog (as would the hot dog vendor) and place on a hot dog bun. Add a Spock size dollop of sauerkraut.


There is a second shot of Leonard Nimoy later in the episode where it appears he did NOT enjoy his surprise, because he is eating a plain hot dog without any toppings:


The sauerkraut got everywhere; it made the bun super soggy and gross because this is not an appropriate amount of sauerkraut for a single hot dog. Basically the lesson here is never try, I mean never say “Surprise me” to a hot dog vendor.

Cromulence: 4 Homer Is a Dopes out of 10

Spock’s Hot Dog Recipe From: The Springfield Files (The Simpsons Season 8 – Episode 10)






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Crazy Pants

Leonard Nimoy was Jewish, and according to William Shatner, practiced until the end. I hope you were using a kosher hotdog.
Also in the second picture, the squiggly lines indicate some kind of hotdog-colored condiment, brown mustard perhaps?


I always assumed it was tabouli


First of all, love tabouli! But, do you ever see it as a typical condiment on a hot dog cart? Especially in Springfield where tabouli is probably only eaten by Lisa and maybe three other people.

Thomas Henry Ward

I always thought it was spinach! xD


It looks like spinach I agree…but why would a hot dog cart have spinach as a condiment? Although, I do have to admit that would be a surprise…

dungeon smash

pretty sure it’s meant to be relish – chopped pickles


I know what you’re saying, but it looks almost “long” like lettuce or something? Plus it’s served with tongs. Although, I don’t mind having another hot dog and just cover it with chopped pickles, one might even say I would “relish” it.