Seth & Munchie’s Garden Blast

To be clear, I only made the “clean” Seth & Munchie’s Garden Blast because I don’t know where to get peyote…I mean because doing drugs is wrong and you deserve to have your life ruined if you try it even once. Um, or maybe a third alternative? But if I did decided to make it I guess it would just be carrots and peyote which would probably taste just awful so I’m not sure why all the residents of Springfield drink it past the first sip. Maybe they secretly like going on hallucinogenic journeys? Anyway, I only made the regular version of Seth & Munchie’s Garden Blast that was intended to go out to consumers. I based my recipe on…

Bottle Contents (Tomato, Strawberry, Turnip, Green Pepper)


Homer’s Harvesting (Tomato, Carrot…hopefully not gopher)


Wiggum: Lou! Lou, are you alright?
Lou: The electric yellow has got me by the brain banana …
Wiggum: I…see. My God, it’s nothing but carrots and peyote.
Eddie: Damn longhairs never learn, Chief.
Wiggum: Eh, it’s time for an old-fashioned hippie ass-whomping!



  • Tomato
  • Carrot
  • Strawberry
  • Turnip
  • Green Pepper


Cut fruits and vegetables into smaller chunks and place in juicer.


I never thought about how wasteful juice was until I tried making my own. The amount of pulp leftover after juicing was staggering. I’m sure Seth and Munchie have some sort of sustainable way to handle all the leftover pulp, but I just had to compost mine. It’s almost like you would be better off just eating the fruits and vegetables instead of consuming them in drink form. I just, like, blew my own mind right there.

Cromulence: 6 Dunderheaded Stooges out of 10

Seth & Munchie’s Garden Blast Recipe from: D’oh-in’ in the Wind (The Simpsons Season 10 – Episode 6)






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Congratulations on the birth ofyour new site! Excited to see what other animated foods you will be trying in the future.

Drugs in carrot juice reminds me, remember that episode when Bart gives up Santa’s Little Helper for a catalogue dog and he breaks into the blind man’s house? And the cops find his baggie of weed? Then the cops crank Bob Marley and has a party with an arrested sex worker?

Man, how the hell did they get away with that…

Sarah Miller

I love your blog. I wrote a fictional first date conversation consisting entirely of quotes from the Simpsons using the new Frinkiac search engine.


This is great! You should make more of these.