Moe’s Super Sunday Brunch Spectacular

In honor of the Super Bowl this weekend I decided to go all out and make Moe’s Super Sunday Brunch Spectacular.


  • Bologna
  • Bread



Place on table to amaze and impress your drunkest friends.


Sadly, this is not as spectacular as Moe advertised. Bread and bologna without any type of condiment (mustard being my preferred choice) is actually pretty gross. Without a condiment you have dry bread combined with a meat whose ingredients I’m not entirely clear on. But, the price point on this compared to, say, chicken wings is pretty good so only you can decide if this is appropriate for your Super Bowl Party.

Cromulence: 2 Gamble-Tron 2000’s out of 10

Moe’s Super Sunday Brunch Spectacular Recipe From: Lisa the Greek (The Simpsons Season 3 – Episode 14)







6 Responses to “Moe’s Super Sunday Brunch Spectacular”

  1. Demiglitch Avatar

    Great recipe for getting bread and meat stuck to the roof of your mouth.

    1. Eats Like A Duck Avatar
      Eats Like A Duck

      I know, you’d think Moe and Otto could collaborate with a bread/bologna and mustard game day feast.

  2. Dr. Robinson Avatar
    Dr. Robinson

    Wow, you had mustard?

    1. Eatslikeaduck Avatar

      Oh wow, windows. I don’t think I can afford this place.

  3. Kris Avatar

    I’m mortified that you didn’t use wonder bread, aka super bread

    1. Eatslikeaduck Avatar

      I’ll have you know that my off brand non-super bread was even cheaper and unhealthier than actual Wonder Bread…but you’re right, I should have used it. Bring it on for Super Bowl 51!

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