Mashed Potato Homer

Making the Mashed Potato Homer is probably one of the most fun experiences I’ve had creating food for this blog. It’s basically the complete opposite of Bubble Crum in every way, because that was a giant pain to make AND it tasted disgusting. This was somewhat a pain to make, but was enjoyable, and it tasted good!

Before we get to the assembling, let’s take a closer look at what Bart uses to make his Mashed Potato Homer and (by extension) exactly what Marge is serving for dinner. We’ve got: mashed Potatoes with gravy which are two things that very much go together. For the veggies it’s corn and green beans, again, this makes sense. Next we have a hot dog, which is an odd choice for a protein given that the sides would go much better with roast chicken or beef. And finally, there’s deviled eggs which…why is this part of dinner? Deviled eggs are an appetizer usually found at pot lucks and church picnics. One would not expect to see them at the dinner table, particularly along with 2/3 of a roast dinner and hot dogs.


  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Gravy
  • Green Beans
  • 2 Deviled Egg
  • Hot Dog
  • Corn


Craft a “Homer head shape” out of mashed potatoes. Add green beans for hair, deviled eggs for eyes, hot dogs for nose, gravy for muzzle, and corn for mouth. Yes, it’s terrifying but it is quite accurate!


The biggest challenge in making the Mashed Potato Homer was getting the muzzle to sit just right without it running off the potatoes and getting everywhere. I made sure to assemble everything exactly as I wanted it and did the muzzle at the very end. But, I also had real trouble fashioning an appropriate ear because while mashed potatoes are delicious they aren’t as easy to sculpt with as you might think.

I ate the deviled eggs, hot dogs, green beans, and the mashed potatoes with gravy all together as a meal. Any of the potatoes that didn’t have gravy on it I saved for another day – because I don’t need to eat four potatoes in one sitting. The hot dogs actually worked with everything else, but as suspected the deviled eggs felt a little out of place in the mix. I still ate it. Rest assured, no mashed potatoes were stabbed in the making of this recipe.

Cromulence: 7 Baby Stink-Breaths out of 10

Mashed Potato Homer Recipe From: Barting Over (The Simpsons Season 14 – Episode 11)






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Trish Ling

Can’t those just be hard boiled eggs?


They could be! I didn’t actually consider that.