Lisa’s Burned Frozen Fish Sticks

I’m fairly certain that creating Lisa’s Burned Frozen Fish Sticks is not possible. Burning something on the outside while it remains frozen on the inside? This seems especially difficult for something the size of a fish stick. A complete buffalo on the other hand…I think as long as it’s not flash fried in 40 seconds, you could probably pull off the burned/frozen dichotomy. Since I don’t currently own a used Navy deep fryer or have a spare buffalo lying around, I decided to test out the Lisa’s fish stick recipe.


  • 1 fish stick (I’m not about to go wasting fish sticks by burning them all)

Note: I decided to go with High Liner brand fish sticks for no other reason than that is what was available at my local grocery store. I’m not getting paid to promote this brand in anyway. BUT if they do want to send me some coupons or something I wouldn’t say no.



Preheat oven to it’s highest, double broil setting (my oven goes to 550 degrees Fahrenheit). Take fish sticks directly from the freezer to the oven so they don’t have time to warm up. Cook until blackened on the outside and (hopefully) still frozen on the inside.


As suspected, this didn’t work at all. I cooked the fish stick for 13 minutes to achieve the burned look but by then it was thoroughly cooked on the inside. And it actually tasted surprisingly ok given how nasty it looked. The inside was cooked well and was not at all frozen. Another example of cartoon logic sadly not translating into the far less hilarious real world.

Perhaps I need some type of futuristic, space-age technology to accurately create Lisa’s Burned Frozen Fish Sticks? Perhaps I need to just leave this alone and not make my house stink like burned food all the time.

Cromulence: 2 Naked Chicks Riding a Clam out of 10

Lisa’s Burned Frozen Fish Sticks From: The Last Temptation of Homer (The Simpsons Season 5 – Episode 9)






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size of a fish stick, agreed. My grandmother famously burned a turkey on the outside that was frozen on the inside. So we have a reference point smaller than ‘buffalo’. Although I guess it would depend on what temperature Lisa used. 800F? might do it.


Although frozen fish sticks are supposed to cooked while still frozen, it is absolutely possible to burn and still bite into ice needle-y blocks of mystery fish, if you cook them in a pan. Fish sticks was the first thing I remember Dad allowing me to cook, so I’ve had a lot of blackened fish-icles. That’s how I was raised, and I turned out TV.

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Hugh Jass

Although we can’t create Lisa’s Fish Sticks, we can freeze them with liquid nitrogen so that FUTURE generations can create them!