Giant Hot Chocolate Marshmallow

I consider this recipe a partial success because I don’t think it’s possible to create a giant inflated marshmallow based on how stupidly delicate marshmallows are. I’m sure some sort of scientician will chime in and tell me that obviously I should have done…something with liquid nitrogen maybe, I don’t know. Before I get into all my trial and error with creating the Giant Hot Chocolate Marshmallow, let’s take a brief moment to talk about Clown Party Brand Marshmallows:


Clowns don’t really bother me. I mean I sleep in a clown bed and laugh myself to sleep at night, but I still feel like the designer of Clown Party Brand should perhaps consider an update to their terrifying marshmallow logo.


  • Hot Chocolate
  • Marshmallow


Round One: Boil water and add suggested amount of hot chocolate powder to the water and stir. Add marshmallow…except this won’t work because hot chocolate will melt a marshmallow before it has a chance to absorb the liquid.


Round Two: Boil water and add suggested amount of hot chocolate powder to the water and stir. Let the hot chocolate cool completely and place a marshmallow in it. Let it sit for half an hour…except the marshmallow won’t absorb the liquid and just kind of floats there like an idiot.


Round Three: Boil water and add suggested amount of hot chocolate powder to the water and stir. Let the hot chocolate cool completely. Freeze a marshmallow and use a fork to poke holes in it and place the marshmallow in the cold hot chocolate. Let it sit for half an hour as the marshmallow expands, a little.


So overall this was kind of a success. I mean, the marshmallow was bigger than the original and I could cut it with a knife and fork. But it didn’t really look and behave like the marshmallow from the episode. However, I was getting sick of wasting perfectly good marshmallows and hot chocolate on this and so I gave up. So I guess the lesson is, never try.

Cromulence: 5 Catfishes out of 10

Giant Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Recipe From: Marge Be Not Proud (The Simpsons Season 7 – Episode 11)






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Laura Crookston

All I can think of is making a giant marshmallow from scratch with coco mixed in. Use the mug as a mold!


You can *make* marshmallows? I thought they were harvested in the wild from marshmallow trees. Anyway, yes, that is a good idea.


Could you not try adding marshmallow to the hot chocolate until it thickens?


Ohhh, I like this idea! It would, again, need to be chilled hot chocolate because hot chocolate just melts the marshmallow in about three seconds. Perhaps I need to invest in some type of injection model?


I was thinking more just keep adding it as it melts until, essentially, it can’t fit anymore in & thickens? But that would be INSANELY sweet, I’d imagine.


Clearly I’ve got some sciencing to do!