Duff Gardens Beer Smoothie

The temperature has been rising in my part of the world, prompting me to search for a cooling beverage. Selma’s cooling beverage of choice is the Duff Gardens Beer Smoothie, but what is a smoothie exactly? Well, Webster’s dictionary describes a smoothie as “a smooth-tongued person”. Wait, no. A smoothie is “a creamy beverage made of fruit blended with juice, milk, or yogurt.” So to make a beer smoothie you throw fruit, dairy, and beer in a blender – the possibilities are endless! We never get to see what the Duff Gardens variety looks like and there aren’t many other examples online, so I decided to keep things simple.

As previously mentioned in the Skittlebräu recipe, Duff beer is basically Budweiser. However, I wanted to class things up a little for my beer smoothie, so I decided to make this with Tuborg since it is the beer of Danish kings.


  • Tuborg
  • Frozen Raspberries
  • Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream


Add 2-3 scoops of strawberry and/or vanilla ice cream to a blender, depending on what you’ve got available – I used both since I had some Neapolitan ice cream leftover. Next, add 1/2 a cup of frozen raspberries and 1/2 a cup of beer. Blend until well combined. If the mixture is too thick, add more beer.


Meh. The combination was tasty enough and this would definitely be refreshing on a hot day walking through an amusement park. You know what would be even more refreshing though? A nice cold beer. Or, a nice cold smoothie followed by a nice cold beer. It’s not that this combination is necessarily bad; it’s just that much like Milhouse’s parents, these items are better apart then they are together.

Cromulence: 5 Homercles’ out of 10

Duff Gardens Beer Smoothie Recipe From: Selma’s Choice (The Simpsons Season 4 – Episode 13)






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