Creative Homemaking Breakfast

Poor Marge. She tries so hard to make homemaking seem like a fulfilling career path…until she realizes she has to deal with the likes of Homer and Bart. One must wonder exactly how many Creative Homemaking Breakfast plates she has made over the years that have been completely disregarded and eaten without comment. Much like that dead cat from an inspirational poster, this post is becoming depressing. Hang in there baby!


  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 Slices of Bacon
  • 1 Piece of Toast
  • Parsley (or something leafy and green for the nose)


Place toast in the toaster and begin frying eggs and bacon. Cook eggs sunny side up and arrange on a plate with eggs for “eyes” and bacon for “mouth”. Cut toast across and place on plate as “ears”. Complete dish by using parsley (or something leafy and green) for “nose”. Serve to oblivious family and secretly hate your life a little.


Based on the Creative Homemaking Breakfast screen shot ,it would appear that Marge uses parsley for the “nose” on the breakfast face. I didn’t feel like buying parsley only to use a single sprig to use in this recipe. Instead I used what I had on hand, a pea shot, which I feel is close enough. Overall, this breakfast dish is pretty underwhelming. Two eggs but only ONE piece of bacon? Come on Marge.  Maybe if you stepped up your bacon portion sizes – with a bacon man living in a bacon house – things might not be so bleak around the Simpson household.

Cromulence: 4 Mr. Glascocks out of 10

Creative Homemaking Breakfast Recipe from: Separate Vocations (The Simpsons Season 3 – Episode 18)






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Early season Marge alarms me quite a bit. She’s clearly stuck in an unfulfilling rut and being cooped up in the house all day with Maggie must drive her crazy. Then her equally unfulfilled, alcoholic husband comes home and she has to take care of him. Then there’s the troublemaking kid with behavioral problems… then the depressed, precocious little girl whose intelligence at such a young age only means she’s always going through existential crises she’s nowhere near mentally developed enough to handle… oh and the baby is frighteningly clever and has violent tendencies and will probably grow up to… Read more »


Agreed. I feel like a lot of the family’s problems are swept under the rug in the interest of comedy (which I’m ok with because it’s hilarious) but it’s still depressing to think about.