Champagne and SlimFast

Making a Champagne and SlimFast shows that Krusty has apparently learned his lesson from “Krusty Gets Kancelled” where he gained all that weight:

Krusty: I thought I’d get into shape. So I’ve been drinking nothing but milkshakes.
Lisa: You mean those diet milkshakes?


Now Krusty is able to stay in healthy while also continuing his rampant alcoholism! Let’s talk about SlimFast a little before we get into this recipe. I mean, if you can call mixing two drinks together a recipe. SlimFast has been around since 1977 and those meal replacement shakes have always been the central product.

When it originally came out, you were supposed to drink a SlimFast shake in place of breakfast and lunch, then have a “sensible dinner.” I guess that means eating 5 cheeseburgers for dinner isn’t sensible then? Maybe just 2 cheeseburgers?


  • Creamy Chocolate SlimFast
  • Champagne (I used Prosecco because this blog isn’t paying Champagne level wages)


Mix equal parts SlimFast and Champagne in a glass. Consume immediately as this will start to separate right away. Enjoy passing the time.


One thing I noticed when trying to non-alcoholic version of SlimFast is that it tasted really sweet. But looking at the nutrition it barely has any sugar in it (1 gram). However, one of the ingredient on the packaging says “sweetened with non-nutritive sweetener” – I don’t know what that means, but it sounds like something I probably shouldn’t be putting into my body very often.

Anyway, as you and guess this drink didn’t taste very good. Shakes shouldn’t be carbonated and alcoholic beverages shouldn’t be all thick and coagulated. Still, I’m glad Krusty is at least getting his daily requirement of Vitamin C whenever he passes the time having a drink.

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Champagne and SlimFast Recipe From: Today I am A Clown (The Simpsons Season 15 – Episode 6)






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Glenn S.

Why they couldn’t just say artificial sweetener (ex. Splenda) instead of that “non-nutritive” gobbledygook I’ve got no idea.


Maybe because it’s not even Splenda, but some horrifying sugar-like substance the public isn’t even supposed to know about? I sense a Rand Corporation level conspiracy going on here.

Glenn S.

Right. And soon the potato on my dinner plate will be eating the carrot.
Still, it’s definitely better than drinking gasoline.


I mean, you shouldn’t knock drinking gasoline until you’ve tried it. I like to keep an open mind in these types of situations.