Big John’s Breakfast Log

What exactly makes a breakfast log? These are the philosophical questions that keep me up at night. Based on this episode, Big John’s Breakfast Log appears to just be a giant sausage. It’s not like a breakfast burrito or other similarly shaped log foods. So I went with the obvious and made a mini version out of delicious pork sausage patties.


  • Breakfast Sausage



Preheat oven to 350F. Reconstitute breakfast sausage into log form – I used tin foil to help roll the shape correctly. Bake approximately 15-20 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 140F.


This was actually a lot of fun to make. Molding the sausage patties was like creating a gooey, fatty, delicious masterpiece of log proportions. The completed breakfast log was delicious warm, but of course I also needed to eat this cold since that’s how Homer ate his. It was almost as delicious cold. If this was something I could grab from my fridge in the morning, pop in the microwave and then start eating, I probably would. A lot. I’m both happy and sad that this product doesn’t actually exist.


Cromulence: 9 Lord Huggingtons out of 10

Big John’s Breakfast Log Recipe From: Trash of the Titans (The Simpsons Season 9 – Episode 22)







9 Responses to “Big John’s Breakfast Log”

  1. Philip Larson Avatar
    Philip Larson

    This product exists, get a Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage log at Walmart in the states for $3

    1. Eatslikeaduck Avatar

      I know it exists, but I wanted to make it – kind of like a little food, sausage baby that I created myself…and then devoured. This explanation is more disturbing than I imagined.

  2. Sydney Avatar

    this looks good. I hope you do the dessert dogs one day too!

    1. Eatslikeaduck Avatar

      A tasty fake! Yes, it’s on the list.

  3. David Avatar

    That’s how most breakfast sausage came back in the day, in tube form.

    1. Eatslikeaduck Avatar

      I wish that more foods came in tube form. When you concentrate food, you unleash its awesome power, I’m told.

      1. Thomas Avatar

        Hospital, please

  4. dungeon smash Avatar

    i think the breakfast log may actually be a reference log to Jonhsonville or Bigford or similar-brand summer sausage, which come pre-molded in log form for your convenience!

    1. Eatslikeaduck Avatar

      So my recipe was kind of correct then? I will need to find one of these, I don’t think they exist in my part of the world. Next time I’m in America I will buy one and eat it all, for research!

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