A Cool Glass of Turnip Juice

I used a juicer to make A Cool Glass of Turnip Juice since I’m not currently strong enough to crush a turnip one handed. I’m not really sure if I’m strong enough to do that with a lemon to make lemonade either actually. Maybe I need more iron in my diet. Do turnips contain iron? It would appear they do not. But, perhaps if I drink enough turnip juice I will one day be able to juice a turnip one handed purely because of how many turnips I originally drank. Does that make sense?

Turnips are not a food I eat frequently. That is mostly because I prefer my root vegetables deep fried and also in potato form. So I wasn’t super enthused about drinking a liquefied version of a vegetable I never eat. But at the same time, I do have the juicer…


  • Turnips



Place 2 to 3 turnips into a juicer. Let the juicer do it’s magic and drink immediately before the contents start to separate.


I was pleasantly surprised by how good the turnip juice actually tasted. As in, I drank the entire glass of this turnip juice. Do I plan on waking up to a cool glass of turnip juice every morning because I live in fear  ofa haunted lemon tree? No. But still, turnip juice is not half bad!

Cromulence: 6 Doings a Transpiring out of 10

A Cool Glass of Turnip Juice Recipe From: Lemon of Troy (The Simpsons Season 6 – Episode 24)






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Iron helps us play!

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wow great recipe.Thanks for sharing such an awesome recipe.