Gene’s Jelly Bean Casserole from Bob’s Burgers

Much like the show Friends before it, Bob’s Burgers can be counted on for a Thanksgiving episode where something goes wrong with the meal. I kind of like when a show focuses on Thanksgiving, rather than say Christmas. Those episodes usually turn into something “feel good” and quite frankly the holidays are already so overloaded with tear-inducing commercials I can only handle so much. So instead of all THAT type of overly sweetness, let’s focus on Gene’s Jelly Bean Casserole.

Bob loves Thanksgiving, especially turkey, but he’s also a stickler for the traditional sides like stuffing and green beans. We can likely assume that Bob was planning to make that oh so classic dish: green bean casserole. When Gene is working on his version of the dish, the beans are already in a casserole pan. I’ve personally never been a fan of this side dish for the following reasons:

  • Green beans taste better when they snap and aren’t a disgusting mushy texture
  • This casserole was invented by Campbell’s soup and my mistrust of condensed soup manufacturers is well document…maybe it’s not, but still! Your precious family memories were cooked up in a lab by a bunch of (probably) chain smoking dudes in lab coats. Or if you want to believe the Wikipedia entry by someone Dorcas. I won’t comment on that name since she is now dead and I don’t want to be a jerk. 
  • No amount of crispy fried onions are going to makeup for the fact that the rest of the dish is a soggy nightmare (see bullet point 1 above)

Point is, while Bob’s off dragging Gayle and her lies (and her cat) half way across town, it’s up to the remaining Belcher’s to pitch in for Thanksgiving. Of course, no one is up to the challenge, mostly because they don’t care. And so, Gene decides to take his green bean casserole into a new, exciting direction – kicking it up a notch. And so will I, bam!


  • Green beans
  • Jelly beans
  • Gummy worms
  • Chocolate chips
  • Peanut butter thundergirl cookie from last year


Rinse, trim and cut the green beans. Blanch in boiling water for several minutes and then fully cool in an ice bath. Drain the cooled green beans and set aside in a bowl. Sprinkle with jelly beans, gummy worms, chocolate chips and one peanut butter cookie. Serve this side for only the most discerning of Thanksgiving guests. 


This tastes pretty much exactly like you’d think it would. So much sweetness, combined with some fantastically cooked beans. Wow oh wow, when they’re not drowning in gross mushroom soup they suddenly take on such a wonderful new texture and flavor!  Eating them combined with jelly beans and/or gummy worms, chocolate chips and peanut butter cookies is a bold choice. And this choice does not pay off. Still, I think I’d actually prefer this. Take that lab coat condensed soup guys!

Cromulence: 5 Salty Delicious Mermaid Kisses out of 10

Gene’s Jelly Bean Casserole from: Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled (Bob’s Burgers Season 6 – Episode 4)






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Glenn S.

Luckily for me my family perhaps shares your disdain of green bean casserole. Among the food on the countertops every year not a green bean in sight. And even if someone made one and brought it over (which has never happened) I sure ain’t touching it. Let some other poor sap eat it while I eat the food that actually tastes good.
As for this recipe itself I’m surprised you bothered to even give it a 5.