Red Mocho Kooler from The Venture Bros

Oh Dr. Venture! So many of your inventions sound amazing on paper, but sometimes the execution of those inventions are…less successful. According to the extremely helpful Venture Bros. Blog, here is how you make a Red Mocho Cooler:

“You get Kahlúa and you put in Hershey’s syrup and it’s thick, almost undrinkable. And then you just sprinkle a dash of red Kool-Aid on the top. Don’t stir it, so it just remains thick and undrinkable. So that there is a little bit of Kool-Aid just as a covering… a little crispy skin. That is a Red Mocho Kooler, it’s supposed to be disgusting and undrinkable.”

Sounds great! After all, I am already a big fan of drinking thick, almost undrinkablebeverages. Plus this one tastes like chocolate so it really didn’t seem that bad.


  • Kahlúa
  • Hershey’s chocolate syrup
  • Red Kool-Aid


Pour a shot of Kahlúa into a glass. Follow-up with an extremely generous portion of Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Sprinkle with red Kool-Aid and garnish with a slice of orange.

Note: I couldn’t find those little pink umbrellas so that’s why they aren’t included here so don’t bother point that out. 

Red Mocho Kooler-The Venture Bros

It’s just SO thick. While not a huge fan of Kahlúa I can usually handle it when mixed with something else. But when it’s mixed with about a cup of Hershey’s syrup things can get more complicated…and viscous. It would appear Dr. Venture prefers his drink like this though, because he specifically instructs Dean to include “less ice next time” suggesting that his son tried to water this monstrosity down.

And what of the Red Kool-Aid? Honestly, I couldn’t really taste it – it kind of just gets lost in a sea of chocolate syrup. But the orange garnish was really good! Honestly, after taking a few sips of this, I watered it down with a lot more Kahlúa (still no ice) and distributed it amongst a few friends who were kind of into it. Just like Bill, they eventually came around to it.

Cromulence: 3 Ugly Queen’s out of 10







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Glenn S.

Yay you’re back, and with a new broad range of shows for inspiration. So whats gonna be on the agenda next, Peggy Hill’s Apple Brown Betty? Or perhaps more Simpsons recipes like Mueslix or that Banana Kaboom thats been looming over your head. Not to mention that recentish New Orleans episode dumped a lot of potential recipes on your plate…

Glenn S.

Well if he does you can just punch him or TP his trailer. But do not go any further than that.
Though if you do make Spa-Peggy we can find out once and for all if it is better than Spaghetti and Moe-balls.