Buttered Bacon with Baconed Up Sausage

I’m often at odds with Homer’s eating belief system. While in theory I appreciate the hilarity of his creations, in reality, his recipes are not something I’d not recommend that anyone else consume on a regular, or even semi-regular, basis. In the case of Buttered Bacon with Baconed Up Sausage, I would recommend to try this once and then never eat it again.

Or have it every day for breakfast if you so choose to follow Homer’s beliefs. If you’re taking any type of health advice from this blog you have way more problems then what you’re eating for breakfast.


  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Butter


Fry up your bacon and sausage either on the stove or (my preferred method) in the oven. Once cooked through, spread liberal helping of butter onto bacon. Next, wrap bacon around sausage. Consume immediately and then maybe go for a jog or something.


I really had thought that butter and bacon, so awesome on their own, would be a amazing when combined. Sadly, this was just too much fat and grease for my body to handle. Put this baby between some bread or on some toast though and now you’ve got a tasty bite. Perhaps I’m on to something with this idea?

Overall, I much preferred the baconed up sausage in comparison to the buttered up bacon. Rich, creamy butter certainly works well with certain types of bacon, but wasn’t ideal in this particular breakfast option. Also, my heart started beating irregularly after this meal, what could that possibly mean I wonder?

Cromulence: 6 Pie Pants out of 10

Buttered Bacon with Baconed Up Sausage Recipe from: She of Little Faith (The Simpsons Season 13 – Episode 6)






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In England we usually have “baconed up sausage” at Christmas time. They are mini sausages and otherwise known as pigs in blankets but I could eat them all year / / day long … Nom nom


When I think pigs in a blanket I think the little sausage with dough around them. I could also eat baconed up anything all year.