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  • Slurm Taste Test

    Slurm Taste Test

      Back in 2008, Boston America created a licensed energy drink based on Slurm, the popular (and highly addictive) soft drink from Futurama. This briefly existed alongside Simpsons energy drinks like Duff and the Flaming Moe, both also made by Boston America, but sadly, Slurm is no longer in production. I’ve had a can in…

  • Hermes Manwich from Futurama

    Hermes Manwich from Futurama

    No food is more closely tied to Futurama than Hermes’s favorite Manwich…unless you count Slurm as a food, I guess. Okay, or Bachelor Chow. And I guess there was that one episode where Leela ate Dr. Zoidberg. But whatever – Hermes Manwich love is still a joke that gets frequent callbacks throughout the entire series,…

  • Brain Slug Cupcakes from Futurama

    Brain Slug Cupcakes from Futurama

    Futurama Fact: Despite being a popular Futurama alien species, the Brain Slugs have only appeared in two episodes in the series, and both is the second season (A Head in the Polls, episode 3, and Raging Bender, episode 8). That’s not going to stop me from making and enjoying Brain Slug Cupcakes! Futurama isn’t a Simpsons…